IDAP overview

Integrated Development Africa Programme (IDAP) aims to provide humanitarian assistance...

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Programme Areas & Objectives

The education project IDAP is pursuing, is an integrated system comprising of the following...

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How You Can Help

Your donations can help change the lives of rural children in the Western Kenya area.

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Health and Disability

IDAP has identified HIV as a major threat to development and has incorporated HIV issues into its programs as a mainstreamed activity. IDAP seeks to address any factors identified in our programming that increase the vulnerability of beneficiaries to HIV. Relevant information and support is shared with beneficiaries and staff to raise awareness on the pandemic. IDAP has been working in HIV sensitization and awareness raising both as a direct activity and mainstreaming it through our work. Programs provide technical support in training and in material support to enable the groups [e.g. youth and young adult groups, churches, local NGOs/associations] to be able to reach more people in the community.

The role of IDAP in responding to HIV is widely recognized as having growing significance. For example at a county level UNAIDS has Partnership Officers working with regional and national networks including IDAP, religious leaders, and other NGOs with delivering AIDS services often in rural communities. The impact at the community and household levels, and our well-developed on-the-ground networks local churches and other organizations uniquely position us to influence values and behaviors, and to mobilize communities.

IDAP recognizes that comprehensive responses spanning prevention, care and support, as well as impact mitigation are required to address the vast needs presented by HIV. Within this broad spectrum, IDAP is focusing on the areas of impact mitigation for people living with or affected by HIV, with specific focus on women and children, promoting access to treatment for opportunistic infections and antiretroviral therapy, behavior change among children and young people, and ending stigma and discrimination of people living with or affected by HIV. 


Mr. John Ahaya, Programmes Director, IDAP assisting a sickly old woman in one of the villages in Siaya County.
IDAP goes out of its way to find appropriate approaches to assist the needy in the community.
We have donated several such wheelchairs to the needy.


A wheelchair being presented to a disadvantaged old man by Dr. Mama Sarah Obama. The man had been walking with
the aid of crutches for many years. IDAP donated the wheelchair. We have offered numerous wheelchairs to
countless deserving persons in Siaya County. 


What We Do

Access to safe water and sanitation is a universal need and a basic human right. An insufficient...


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