Administrative Structure

Integrated Development Africa Programme (IDAP’s) Administrative structure consists of   

  • Board of Directors
  • Management team
  • Staff Members  

Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors is responsible for safeguarding and reviewing the functions, mission, vision, and goals of the organization. The board sets policy supports a multi-year programme of activities, approves annual programmes of work and budget, and assists with long-term funding strategies as well as commission evaluations of the organization’s performance. A nine member Board of Directors bringing together a wealth of diverse personal experiences from different fields governs IDAP. The current Board (as of March 2015) comprises of following people.  

1.Dr. Charles Owino                                      Chairman                        (Public Policy)

2.Mr. Calleb O.Ogutu                                    Secretary                        (Finance & Administration)

3.Mr. John A. Malamba                                 Treasurer                        (Social Development)

4.Dr.  Elizabeth Magomba                              Member                          (Economics & Planning)

5.Ms. Millicent Okello                                    Member                          (Procurement & Supply Chain)

6.Dr. Lois Otieno                                           Member                          (Medical Health)

7.Ms. Jaqueline Odudoh                                Member                          (Human Resources)

8.Mr. Gilbert Manirakiza                                Member                           (Communications & Public Relations)

9.Mr. Evans Opondo                                     Member                           (Information & Communications Technology)  


The management team comprise of the senior most staff that executes policies laid down by the Board of Directors. It also identifies problems facing the Programmes and the beneficiaries. It plans, sometimes independently or jointly with the beneficiaries, and implements and monitors all the operations under the auspices of the Board.  

Currently the management team comprise of the Executive Director, Programmes Director, and Finance and Administrations Director. A Country Programmes/Projects Coordinators, Chief Accountant and the various Project/Programme Coordinators will come on board when more prgrammes kick in. IDAP is in the process of formally putting up a formidable team which will include other positions like Human Resources Director, and the Communications Director. There will be line managers in each and every department, programme administrators, administrative assistants, office assistants as well as other position. 

Other Staff Members 

The rest of the other staff are composed of the following positions: Assistant Programmes Coordinators and Officers, Accounts and Administration Assistants, Programme Assistants, Secretaries, Drivers, Receptionists, Office Assistants/Office Messengers and a Security guard.   


The organization is administered from Siaya County in Kenya, which also serve as the regional Headquarters. There will be branch offices in all the counties of operation, which will be run directly from the regional Headquarters. Different Programmes/Projects will be administered from field offices. 

Funds Management

The Financial Management of all Donor funds received at IDAP is a core activity of the organization. This is given highest priority to ensure that funds are managed in a prudent, transparent and controlled way in order to achieve the project objectives devoid of any major variations to the budget. The Financial Director, working in collaboration with the Chief Accountant lays down the appropriate Broad Financial Guidelines and maintain suitable books of Accounts. The Financial Director is the head of the department. Funds raised by the organization are remitted directly into the official Bank Account in the name of Integrated Development Africa Programme with three signatories. The three signatories are: The Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer)